2018 Star Wars: Destiny Canadian Nationals Championship

Breakout Con presents Canadian Nationals for Star Wars: Destiny.

Your fate is in your (fast) hands. Roll and maneuver your way to victory and claim the title of Canadian National Champion for yourself. Let your legacy be told through the galaxy as you join the incredible Canadian Destiny community.


  • March 18th - Check-In: 9:30 AM to 10:00 AM

Event Structure*

The main event is a Premier Tier event using a Custom Structure, held on a single day: Sunday, March 18. Competitors will play in seven (7) rounds of Swiss. The Top 8 players, based on their record in Swiss, will advance to an elimination round on Sunday evening.

Attendance for the Star Wars: Destiny National Championship is capped at 80 participants. Decklists are required.


Prizes for 2018 FFG National events have not yet been announced by FFG.

Star Wars: Destiny Side Events


  • Draft Pods, March 18th - 3:30 PM - 5:00pm

Draft Pods

Starting at 3:30 PM Sunday, March 18th, tournament organizers will begin firing 8 player draft pods. Players must provide their own (6) booster packs and rivals draft pack, both of which can be purchased on-site at the event. After drafting cards and building a deck according to the FFG draft rules, players will play three (3) 35 minute best-of-one rounds. Registration for draft pods opens at 1:30 PM Sunday. Prizing to be announced at a later date.

*Tournament organizers reserve the right to adjust the number of rounds, with advance notice to players, to best accommodate the number of registered players.