Legend of the Five Rings - Breakout Festival

Breakout Con presents a special tournament for Legend of the Five Rings.

Legend of the Five Rings will not have a National Championship in 2018, but Breakout still wants to celebrate Fantasy Flight's newest Living Card Game with a Premier Tier event. Honourable bushi and courtiers are invited to join the Canadian Legend of the Five Rings community in a 2-day competition to determine the strongest clan in Canada.


  • Day 1, March 16th - Check-In: 9:45 AM to 10:15 AM
  • Day 2, March 17th - Check-In: 10:15 AM to 10:45 AM

Event Structure*

The Legend of the Five Rings Breakout Festival is a Premier Tier event using a Custom Structure, held over the course of two days. Players must register to play on Day 1 on Friday, March 16. Day 1 will feature five (5) rounds of Swiss, with all players with a record of 3-2 or better advancing to a progression cut on Day 2 on Saturday, March 17.

Two rounds of swiss will be played by the remaining players on Day 2, followed by a cut to an elimination round featuring the Top 8 players.

Attendance for the Legend of the Five Rings Breakout Festival is capped at 80 participants.


There will be no Nationals prize kit for this event, but rest assured that Breakout is working on putting together both official and custom prizes for participants and victors alike.

*Tournament organizers reserve the right to adjust the number of rounds, with advance notice to players, to best accommodate the number of registered players.