FAQ - 2018 FFG Canadian Nationals

What kind of pass do I need to participate in 2018 FFG Nationals events?

Any pass entitles you to enter 2018 FFG National events for the days you purchased access for. The Fantasy Flight Nationals Limited Three Day Pass is a cost-effective way to access the convention if you are interested only in the FFG events, allowing you to attend FFG events on all three days of the convention. Note the FFG Pass does not grant access to other areas of the Breakout 2018 convention. Pass sales close March 8, 2018. After that, passes will have to be purchased on-site at the convention

If I purchase the Fantasy Flight Nationals Limited Three Day Pass, can I attend other Breakout 2018 events?

The Fantasy Flight Nationals Limited Three Day Pass grants you entry to any FFG events, but you will not be able to access other parts of the convention. Choose one of the other passes if you wish to play in both the FFG events as well as participate in other parts of Breakout 2018.

How do I reserve my seat for 2018 FFG National Championship events at Breakout 2018?

After purchasing any event pass, visit the Event Schedule page and you can select which events you want to participate in, to maximum of one for each day of the convention. Note that you may only register for one of X-Wing Day 1A and 1B. While the system does not prevent registering for both days, any attendees registered for both days will be assumed to be attending on Day 1A on Friday, March 16th. Seat reservations will close at midnight, March 14th.

What happens if I want to play in an event that has a Day 2 that overlaps with a Day 1 of an event that I want to play in?

You will be able to register for both events, and you can choose which event to participate in based on your performance in the first event. For example, if you finish Day 1 of the first event and qualify for Day 2, which conflicts with Day 1 of the second event, you can choose to drop from the first event to participate in the second. It is important to notify tournament organizers for both events of your choice. Do not register for Day 2 in the Event Schedule as that will prevent you from registering in any other events taking place that day.

Is there any way to confirm what events I am registered for?

Check the Event Schedule on the Breakout 2018 website. Click on your profile and choose to look at My Sched. All events you have pre-registered for will be listed there. You may also email us at ffgnationals@breakoutcon.com if you have any concerns.

I don't want to advertise my participation in an event. How do I make my account private?

When you create your account in the Sched system, you have the option to hide your profile/schedule from others at this event and online. Click on your account on the Event Schedule page and choose Settings to review your privacy settings.

I heard that there won't be official prizes at the event?

Unfortunately there have been production delays with some of the prize support and a number of the National prize kits will not be available at the event. We will be collecting mailing addresses for participants and Asmodee Canada has committed to sending out prizes as soon as they are available. Please see for full details.

I have a question, but it's not on this list?

Please email us at ffgnationals@breakoutcon.com with any other questions you might have.